Important Information

1. Reception, Check in/check out times

We do not have a 24 hour or formal reception (I meet you at my house and then take you to the lodge).
Check in is from 14h00 to 19h00. Special arrangements for late arrivals after 19h00 must be made with Amanda please.
Check out is between 08h00 and 10h00. Please advise Amanda if you plan to leave earlier.
Earlier arrivals or later check outs can be arranged, but it must be done in advance and I will gladly assist if possible.

2. Breakfast/dinner

A large farm breakfast (R85pp) consist of various cereals (incl homemade muesli), fresh fruit, yogurt, juices, jams and preserves, muffin/scone or similar, toast, grated cheese, eggs or egg dish, bacon and two more side dishes, bottomless coffee and tea. The continental breakfast is without the cooked food (R45)., English breakfast can be ordered at R45pp. Breakfast for groups are served buffet style.

Dinner can be booked on request 24 hours in advance. A set 3 or 4 course menu will be served and guests preferences and meal requirements will be taken into account. Dinner rates range between R120 en R180pp.

3. Roads

The 9 kilometres gravel road to our property is mostly in a very good condition. It is partly maintained by the roads department and the rest of the road (last 3kms) are maintained by ourselves, graded regularly. A small section (about 500m) goes past a dairy. Sometimes with plenty of rain, this section can be muddy as the cows sometimes walk in the road, but still fine to drive.

Our roads are well suited to normal sedan motors, but not cars with very low suspensions and low profile tyres (eg. Mini Cooper, certain BMW's and similar). 4x4 is not required.

4. Nature

If you would like to be close to the town and like the nightlife, enjoying stays in hotels, this is probably not the right place for you. As we are in nature, there will be some "goggos" and other smaller creatures. You might encounter moths, Christmas beetles and the odd (totally harmless) rain spider and some other insects. We usually do not have many flies or mosquitoes. Small antelope and caracal has been spotted and baboons and Vervet monkeys occur naturally in the area, but they are more scared of you than you of them!

5. Resident dogs

My resident dogs go to the guest lodge, but they are not a nuisance. They would usually go with guests on walks or just lie around socially. They are very friendly towards all people, including kids. I do not allow the dogs in any indoor areas. They sleep at my house (a distance away) every night, indoors, so barking during the night is not a problem.